Women in Art: A Book Launch, Exhibit & Conversation, Jan 23

AWNY invites you to the Olsen Gruin Gallery for a conversation on the history of Australian artists through the lens of an intriguing new book, launched by talented Australian author, Kate Robertson. Guests will also receive a special preview of In Sight, an exciting new exhibit at the gallery.

This event is FREE for all AWNY and AAA members, but you must RSVP via the AAA ticket link.

Identity, Community and Australian Artists, 1890-1914: Paris, London and Further Afield, explores the irresistible call that lured Australian artists overseas just before and after federation in 1901. It looks at friendships and networks, yarns and reviews, work and travel, parties and politics. Holding onto their Australian-ness became a constant for many artists whilst living away from home, like when a group burned gum leaves at a presumably raucous dinner at a café.

It has been called a groundbreaking new study, about which Associate Professor of Art and Design History, Matthew C. Potter says “readers will find informative and illuminating.”

The discussion panel includes an impressive line up of Australian women in the arts:

  • Kate Roberston – Author
  • Georgia Clark – Author
  • Kate Lee – AWNY Co-President
  • Lucy Rees – Arts and Culture Editor of Galerie
  • Laura Jones – Artist

Laura’s work is part of In Sight, a group exhibition at Olsen Gruin in the spirit of raising awareness about the urgency of the environmental crisis. It features eleven artists of varied media, dealing with nature and what is at risk. All guests to Women in Art: A Book Launch, Exhibit & Conversation will receive a special preview of In Sight, in advance of the opening reception on January 24.

This event is open to everyone in the community. Get your tickets today via the AAA ticket link.

Event Details

Date: Thursday, January 23
Time: 6 – 8 pm
Cost: FREE for AWNY & AAA members / $5 non-members
Where: Olsen Gruin Gallery, 30 Orchard St, New York, NY 10002
Who: This event is open all.
RSVP: Via the AAA ticket link. Please sign into your member account to access member discount.

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About Kate Robertson

Kate Robertson is an Australian writer and academic who writes about art, film and visual culture. She has a PhD from the Department of Art History and Film Studies at the University of Sydney, where she taught for several years. Kate started researching this book more than a decade ago, studying the experiences of Australians living abroad, of being overwhelmed by a new life, working out what home means and the search for community. She completed this book whilst living in New York. https://katerobertson.me/

About Laura Jones

Laura Jones is an Australian artist whose luminous paintings embody a deep admiration for the natural world. Her often unusual and awkward compositions invite the viewer to share in the experiential process of painting. She has developed a method of capturing the essence of her subject without being overly concerned with the minutiae of a botanic artist. https://www.olsengallery.com/artworks.php?artist_id=474

About Georgia Clark

Georgia Clark is an author, performer, and screenwriter. She wrote the critically acclaimed novel, The Regulars, and the “witty, sexy” (L.A. Times) The Bucket List, both Simon & Schuster, and others. Georgia is the host and founder of the popular storytelling night, Generation Women. She is currently working on her fifth novel, out in 2021. A native Australian, she lives in Brooklyn with her wife and a fridge full of cheese. http://www.georgiaclark.com/.

About Lucy Rees

Lucy Rees is the Arts & Culture editor at Galerie, a luxury magazine based in New York that celebrates the finest in the worlds of art, design, and architecture. She has held editorial roles at Flash Art in Milan, Art & Australia in Sydney, and Female magazine in Singapore. She has a BA and an MA in Art History & Theory from the University of Sydney. Originally from Sydney, Australia, Lucy lives in New York City. 

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