Scanlan Theodore Fall/Winter Shopping Event, SoHo

The rain and wet of the night did not put a damper on the stunning inspirational designs from Scanlan Theodore in their spacious new store at 117 Prince Street in SoHo, New York.

About 35 ladies from Australian Women in New York joined together with Melinda Robertson, co-owner of Scanlan Theodore, to shop and celebrate the new space and see first hand the exciting expansion in to New York City.

From earnestly soft shearlings, and Toscana capes to the travel-easy crepe knit full selection of dresses and skirts and jackets, the night was filled with delightful possibilities.  Work and leisure dresses seemed to be the order of the evening, although the sweaters, pants, boots and bags were seriously contemplated.  The good news is, if you missed the champagne last night, the store complete with staff – each more beautiful and service oriented than the next, will be here for you any time you make your time to go and take a look.

We wish Scanlan Theodore abundant prosperity here in Manhattan, and thank you for taking such good care of the ladies of AWNY!  Our closets thank you for making it happen.

For online shopping, see  Our ladies found a lot of dresses for the office and leisure in the most comfortable of fabrics, their crepe knit

Ice Skating in Bryant Park

AWNY presents ice skating in the Bryant Park Winter Village.

Please arrive at 1.30pm to be fitted for skate hire.  We will be starting the merriment by the fountain near the 6th Ave entrance.

Feel free to dress in your most festive Christmas jumper and Santa hat (jingle bells are also strongly encouraged).

Fun for everyone; friends, children and partners welcome!

*Please note that there are no phones or photography allowed on the ice but AWNY volunteers will be around the rink to take snaps.

Event Details

Date: Saturday, January 6th, 2018
Time: 2:00pm – 3:30pm
Address: Bryant Park
RSVP: Facebook Event
Cost: Free entry for all but $20.00 for skate hire – if you have your own skates, feel free to bring them!
Free lockers but $10.00 for a lock
Bag check for $15.00
Children’s penguin skate aid or $22.00 per hour



What’s On in New York, December 2017

The season is in full swing now – having had Halloween, then Thanksgiving, now we head full tilt to “The Holidays”.  New Yorkers say “Happy Holidays” to be respectful of everyone in this diverse community.  New York kids celebrate Hannakuh, Kwanzaa, and Christmas at school, complete with chorus songs for every occasion.

There’s a bunch going on around town, so make the most of it!

AWNY and associated events include:

Women of Letters evening Wednesday November 29, 6pm for 8pm start at City Winery.  A bunch of ladies have already signed up from the Mums and Dads subgroup.

Scanlan and Theodore’s Fall/Winter Fashion Shopping Event Tuesday December 5, 6pm.  Celebrate with Australia’s intelligent and creative designers in their brand new SoHo store. We’ll be joined by one of the label’s founders and guests will be treated to a private shopping experience showcasing their latest range, with champagne and a holiday gift.

AWNY’s Christmas Luncheon  Friday December 8, 12 noon.  Join friends, old or new, on the 30th Floor at the Club Metropolitan in midtown west for a cocktail on arrival and wonderful three course meal. $60 members $75 non-members (tax and tip included).

Mums and Dads Christmas dinner December 11, 7.30pm, RSVP through Mums and Dads Facebook event page or email At Coarse NYC Restaurant, 306 West 13th Street. $49 plus tax and tip.

TRIPLIGHT is a new musical by AWNY members Alexandra Collier (book & lyrics) and Greta Gertler Gold (music & lyrics). Directed by Meghan Finn.
In workshop at The Tank, NYC on December 8 at 2pm and December 9 at 8pm. Tickets:
Triplight follows Willow, a charismatic singer-songwriter and the sole survivor of a 90s indie rock band whose members were all tragically killed just when they were poised on the precipice of fame. Willow is stuck in the past but she’s forced to reemerge and repay her debts when a music DJ unearths her in a New York apartment – where only her ghosts keep her company. ​Triplight is an absurd, funny and dark musical that explores the knife-edge life of an artist, the perils of fame and one woman’s attempt to find her voice in a dying industry, with a score that fuses indie pop, rock and jazz. ​

American Australian Association’s Holiday Reception Monday December 11, 6-9pm at the Australian Consulate.

Around town, rock into the spirit despite the crowds.

Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree:  The Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree is a world-wide symbol of the holidays in New York City.  The 2017 Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree will be lit for the first time on Wednesday, November 29, with live performances from 7–9pm, at Rockefeller Plaza, between West 48th and West 51st Streets and Fifth and Sixth Avenues.  Thousands crowd the sidewalks for the event, and millions watch it live across the globe.  The Tree will remain lit and can be viewed until 9pm on January 7, 2018.  Stop by for a drink and view at The Rainbow Room or visit Polo Bar.  I always find myself at the Lindt shop at 5th and 53rd to at least get some chocolate santas, if not bags and bags of the Lindt balls as gifts for all the people that end up on the list.  They always seem so well received, it’s just a habit now.

You can also get rentals for iceskating at Bryant Park,  Wollman Skating Rink in Central Park, the Standard Hotel in the Meatpacking District,  Lasker in Central Park north, LeFrak Center at Lakeside, Prospect Park and The Rink at Brookfield Place, down town.

In the same area, on Fifth Avenue, are Holiday window displays  at Saks, Tiffany’s, Bergdorfs, Barneys, Henri Bendel’s; and further afield, Bloomingdales and Macys, are also amazing to see.  Some people go every year because these windows are just over the top, and entertainment in themselves – as well as the people standing beside you.  Be warned though, every man and his dog are out there peak times, so choose your timing.

And of course, near to the Tree as well, is the world famous Rockettes at Radio City Hall. Take your guests or kids and be mesmerized by all the lights, glitter and Christmas charm.  You can have your photo taken before or after the show with Santa.  The actual show has The Rockettes dancing around, and tells a child-friendly Christmas story.  Buy a Christmas tree ornament on the way out, a nice gift or souvenir.

Looking for more crafty gifts (not from a department store)?  There are outdoor markets throughout the city.  See Union Square Holiday Market, Columbus Circle Holiday Market  opening around 10 or 11am until 7 or 8pm every day until Christmas Eve.

union square

Union Square Holiday Market

At Carnegie Hall, NY Philharmonic tickets can be $300 for Handel’s Messiah mid December (if you can even still get tickets), but you can also get Oratorio Society seats from $28-$100 at Carnegie around December 18.  If you get tickets at Lincoln Center David Geffen Hall for December 9 you can be one of the 3,000 singing in the chorus.  St Thomas Church also has Messiah with their choir for less than $100.

If you have kids, please take them to the Holiday Train Show.  It is sincerely a real treat for everybody involved, and the Garden is such a nice place to be throughout the year.  It is one of the best family resources in the city.

December 28, 2017, 12-1pm is Good Riddance Day.  At Times Square, you can gather to let go the negative energy of whatever it was in 2017.  Shredit takes over at Times Square Plaza 46, 47 (Broadway between 46th and 47th Streets) to bring on the New Year with joy and freedom.

Times Square is of course, always host to the New Year’s Eve Ball Drop – where people come at 3pm to get a spot for a 6pm start, no public restrooms and freezing cold.  Be amongst the million there, or one of the billion plus people watching it on tv.   My personal favorite (like the Thanksgiving Parade) is to have a friend who has a view to the action – with a bathroom, and catered, even better.

For a view to what is happening for New Year’s Eve, start making plans now.  There’s a silent disco in Bushwick with Aussie Thomas Jack, NYE bike ride from Brooklyn to Belvedere Castle in Central Park, Fireworks at Prospect Park.  Be sure to have a transportation plan.  It is really hard to get around in the city in the cold, so plan ahead.  It’s a busy night.

And, as they say, stay warm!

Startup Stories: Tamara Hansson

Tamara Hansson moved to NYC to complete a program in musical theatre and decided to stay. Her next show is on December 3rd at Foot Gear NYC – 435 125th Street. Read on to hear about how she has developed her brand as a singer/songwriter in the Big Apple.

Tell us about you and your business in the music industry? Please provide some background about when you moved to the USA and your career trajectory.
I moved to the states in June 2011 – 6 years now, I still can’t believe it’s been that long! I’ve always worked in music, as a singer, composer, voice coach, and various roles in the music industry. When I left Australia in 2010 to go to the UK, I was saying goodbye to over 60 voice students in Brisbane between 3 schools, and I just wanted to pursue something for myself for a change. Teaching people is humbling and you’re giving a lot of yourself to that kind of work. I needed to step back and work out what I actually wanted.

Originally I moved to New York to take on a course I’d received a scholarship for – musical theatre. It was a real time of growth and development, and completely out of my comfort zone. I did a year solid of training in Musical Theatre and decided to stay in New York and pursue a career as a singer/songwriter. A lot of time earlier on in NYC was spent perfecting my craft and writing loads of songs, playing small shows and building a following, all while working jobs to stay afloat. Over the last few years, I’ve built more of a fan base, and in spring, completed a 40-date tour of the USA. Next year I’ll be releasing an EP, and doing an Australian tour, another US tour, and looking to expand out to the UK – I played a show in London over the summer – and to Europe.

What has been your ‘Ah Ha’ / ‘I’ve made it in the USA moment’
I love this question, and I guess every time you level up personally or professionally you have that moment.

I think back to some of my first performances in New York – actually my very first performance, I was asked to sing at a showcase with another Australian girl from Queensland. We had a blast, our names were in the program and I was so chuffed with myself. I was really proud at that point. I thought to myself, “Even if I go back to Australia, I can say I’m international now”. Haha, what a dag!

What have been the hardest lessons in starting a business?
I’m a very driven person, and when things don’t happen immediately, it’s hard to stay focused. You really have to be dogged, and persistent, and keep trying/throwing stuff at a wall until something sticks.

Where have you been most successful in marketing your business?
Social media has been a huge tool for me to connect directly with fans of my music, and for them to find me too. I never really had strengths in PR or marketing when I first started out, and have now got a small team who can handle things like that – but when I’m out on the road, fans usually connect with me on Instagram, or Twitter, and keep in touch regularly with whatever is going on. I was able to campaign to be a verified artist on Spotify via social media, we gave out merch prize packs on the road for people who signed up to the mailing list, all of it was done via social media. We tell tour stories while we’re on the road and fans can connect with that.

They also use it to tag me in photos of them wearing the merch, or fan art they’ve drawn, so it’s really nice to be able to connect directly with those people.


Do you have any mentors, and how have people been with sharing information and their networks?
Yeah, for sure, it takes a village, no one does it on their own. I have a business coach, as well as several others who I’ve met via gigs, or events, or through friends in the music industry. There are a few of them but they might not know they’ve become a mentor figure for me. Relationships are everything. I value them very much and am so appreciative of those who’ve welcomed me in, and shared their stories. I’ve learnt so much from listening to others who’ve come before me, it’s so great to have that, and have those deeper relationships.

What advice would you give someone thinking about starting a business in NYC?
Ask for help, listen to everyone around you and be humble. There’s no tall-poppy squashing here so dream big – go hard or go home. This city is not for the feint hearted.

Any advice for people moving to NYC?
I could write a book on my experiences, and I probably will one day. I moved here during my 20s and it was a real time of growth and discovery for me. Being out of Australian culture, leaving a job and an industry I had been in since I was a kid was hard. You have to start again, but I didn’t really realize that until maybe 6 months into being here. Surprise! Being able to find myself in a city where you’re a nobody is incredibly humbling and gratifying. I was able to really reflect after leaving Australia, take stock of my personal life and what I wanted to create for myself here in NYC.

As a music professional working in NYC what are the differences to working in Australia?
There is so much more opportunity for work in New York, and musicians are really valued. Also, you can build a business here due to the sheer density – if you have something people want, it’s easy to package it up.

You’ve just returned from a tour, what are the pros and cons of touring in the US?
Pros – there are waaaay more cities to play, even the smallest towns can have a banging music scene and you can really connect and build a fan base that is all over. It’s also a bit of a novelty for American people to meet Australians. Not going to lie, this worked in my favor for sure! Haha!

Cons – You’re in another country, and you have to drive a big fat beautiful astro van on the other side of the road – that basically sums it up! Hahaha!

Other than yourself, what piece of Australia have you put into your business?
I think Australian people in general do really well in business here because of our outlook and because we’re pretty easy going, approachable, and relaxed. That’s something that I’ve carried with me. Especially being on the road as so many things can go wrong and if you don’t have a flexible attitude, it can make life really hard. So staying light and taking each thing as it comes is always sage advice, especially living overseas.

What is next for your business?
I’m currently writing and demo-ing my next 6 track EP called “33” to be released next year on Feb 17th in New York (Save the date!!). I’ll be following it up with an Australian tour in April, and a US tour through May/June.

Here’s the video for my song ‘Your Bones’.

Do you have an offer or promo code you would like to share with AWNY members?
I have a current sale on merch at and you can use the code INSTATAM to get 25% off hoodies, tshirts, tote bags etc.

What are the best way for AWNY members to get in touch or communicate with you? (eg, email, website, social media links)
I’m always tweeting @TamaraHansson and ‘gramming @TamaraHansson


And like my page on facebook:



Event: Scanlan Theodore Fall/Winter Shopping Event December 5

Iconic Australian fashion label Scanlan Theodore, was founded in Melbourne in 1987. Since inception, the brand has generated a cult-like following for its intelligent, well-crafted designs. This year, the brand expanded to Europe and the US, and recently opened a new boutique in Soho, NYC.

To celebrate, we’re thrilled to invite you to an exclusive Scanlan Theodore Fall/Winter Shopping event hosted by AWNY. We will be joined by one of the label’s founders and guests will be treated to a private shopping experience showcasing their latest range. Champagne and a holiday gift, available only in store, will also be on offer. This is not to be missed!

Event details

Date: Tuesday, December 5
Time: 6pm
Address: Scanlan Theodore Soho Boutique, 117 Prince St, New York, NY 10012
Cost: Complementary
RSVP: Registrations are essential for this exclusive event – to avoid disappointment we suggest you register early at

Sorry gents, this event is ladies only!

If you have questions about the event, please contact AWNY representative Melanie Joan.

Register for this event


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