Australia Fires – How to Donate & Help in New York

The impact of the Australian bushfires has been absolutely devastating, with the tragic loss of lives of residents, firefighters, volunteers and wildlife, as well as homes, businesses, farms, and community infrastructure. 

On a positive note, the outpouring of help from local communities and beyond has been heartwarming. Here in New York, many Australians are asking “what can we do to help?”. To date, more than 60 fundraising events and donation drives have been set up by individuals and businesses in New York and in neighboring New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Given our expansive community, AWNY has shared a list of fundraiser events on our Facebook page, to help expats help our mates, furry friends and firefighters back in Australia.

Click here for a list of all fundraising events and drives in New York, New Jersey & Pennsylvania

Fundraising events include coffee, food and drinks, arts and crafts, fitness and sports, and music. The events are supporting a wide variety of charity organizations, who are collecting donations for people and wildlife affected by the Australian bushfires.

How New Yorkers can help people & animals affected by Australian bushfires:

Here are bushfire fundraisers, coming up in Feb:

Author: Angela Tohl

Born in Adelaide but calls Brisbane her home, Angela came to New York City in 2007 in search of an adventure. Her free time is spent eating poppy seed bagels, learning guitar and chasing her 2 little kids around NYC.

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