About AWNY

Australian Women in New York (AWNY) is a dynamic group of women of all ages and backgrounds who have a connection to Australia. Established in 1999 by the American Australian Association, AWNY provides a forum for women to come together to network and share experiences to make life in New York as rewarding as possible.

American Australian Association is the largest non-profit organization devoted to strengthening relations between the United States and Australia and was founded by Sir Keith Murdoch in 1948.

Corporate and individual membership to the Association automatically entitles women to join AWNY and non-members are welcome to attend events.

AWNY hosts a diverse range of social events, educational and professional networking opportunities.

To sign up for membership click here or contact AWNY at awny (at) aaanyc (dot) org.


The blog of the Australian Women in New York (AWNY) welcomes a diversity of contributions and voices. The opinions expressed in the content of this blog do not necessarily reflect the views of the AWNY and the American Australian Association.

5 thoughts on “About AWNY

  1. I have thoroughly enjoyed looking through the website. I discovered it via a link to the wonderful article about the Australian war brides. I am an Australian woman (singer/songwriter married to an American musician) living in New Orleans. I was wondering if there is a sister organisation here because I’ve been living here for two years and haven’t met any other Aussie women living here yet.

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