Made In America at The Public Theater

AWNY Co-President, Kate Lee, recently attended Made In America at Joe’s Public with AWNY members and their guests, and she found herself laughing non-stop. Read on if you’re looking for a fun night out…

I love satire and I love it even more when it’s aimed at American culture. Made in America, written by two whip-smart Australian theatre writers, TerryandTheCuz, is a hilarious, fun, visceral theater show about two immigrant screenwriters who want to make it big in America. One is a passionate follower of the art-house, the other ruthlessly believes in the power of a white-savior-summer-action blockbuster. They tussle with each other’s ideals and ideas of America as they enact and reenact scenes to make the perfect American film.

I guffawed uncontrollably at the wonderful, political incorrectness of this show, presented with humor and intelligence. The talent of TerryandTheCuz is that they are fearless, critical, and enamored with American culture. They understand the complexities of America (race, gender, identity politics) and within the stereotypes they capture a nuance that is both humorous and sensitive. And the performers are fantastic.

This show is being presented in Joe’s Pub. If you haven’t been to the Public Theater, Joe’s Pub is a cabaret space with a bar, restaurant and stage. Made in America is performed throughout the entire venue. Actors sit at the same table as diners, a waitress features in the show, walkways are stages.

The show runs until May 19. Book your tickets in advance to guarantee a good seat. And check out the blurbs and reviews below. This is a fun night out.

man on stage with woman and guitarist
Made In America at the Public Theatre until May 19, 2019

About Made In America

Date: Show runs until May 19, 2019
Location: Joe’s Pub at The Public Theater, 425 Lafayette St, New York, 10003
Tickets: Buy your tickets here for Made In America

In countries all over the world, very different people share the same dream: The American Dream. They don’t just want to live like Americans: they want to BE AMERICAN.

After decades of absorbing American pop culture, two immigrant screenwriters set out to write the perfect American film but which is it? The liberal-arthouse-movie which America needs or the white-savior-summer-action blockbuster movie which it wants?

Low on sleep, high on caffeine and short on time, these two dreamers must find common ground quickly if they are to achieve their pursuit of identity, fame and fortune.

Made In America is a collaboration between artists from Malaysia and Australia about America. 

two women laughing at the theatre
Belinda Jackson and Kate Lee at Made In America, Public Theatre

About TerryandTheCuz

Formed in 2004, TerryandTheCuz has since established itself as a company with a truly global appeal. They have written, directed, created and designed work for theatre, dance, puppetry and art installations for companies, governments, festivals and artists across Asia, America, Europe and Australia.

TerryandTheCuz strives to write, create and design intelligent, humorous, passionate, visceral performance art that reflects and engages with our changing society, and to attract newer and more diverse audiences to the arts. We seek to constantly develop and extend our collaborative performance-making practice with artists both local and abroad, to find new forms, voices and narratives in all our endeavours.

TerryandTheCuz have been nominated for a New York City Innovative Theatre Award, 7 Melbourne Greenroom Awards, a Royal Welsh Theatre Award and is a Melbourne Greenroom Award winner for Innovation in International collaboration for their work ‘SK!N’ and 5-time winner of the National Arts Award in Malaysia for their works ‘Klue,Doh!’ and ‘Flatland’.

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