AWNY Mums & Dads February update: Love is in the air

Written by Anita Davison

With a plethora of pink love hearts and talk of ‘candy grams’ at school this month, February has arrived with gusto. Not only have we had some of the warmest winter weather on record, we managed to survive the second worst blizzard to ever hit NYC. I must say I really enjoyed the snow; it truly is a thing of beauty to watch white snow flakes float from the sky, hear the world muffled & quiet, and watch the snow blanket the ground so quickly. Watching my newsfeed on social media on Sunday proved that everyone had the same idea to get out and into it. We had a blast sledding at St Nicholas park, watched many snowmen being built, but also witnessed many people cross country skiing as well as a few snowboarders and being towed by jeeps in the streets. It felt like we were in Aspen!

We moved house last week, our third time in 2.5 years (more times than in the last 10!), and to say it was exhausting is an understatement. I feel as though the boxes are multiplying as I unpack them; I think I am at the end and more appear out of thin air! We are almost done and I must say there really is something to be said for a fresh start; new year, new home, happy times ahead. Although we didn’t move far, there are new things to discover in our area and new Seamless ordering options to peruse!

Congratulations to all parents who got their kindergarten applications in last week, what a mission that was! Commiserations those of you now working through their Pre-K applications, I have the double whammy this year of Pre-K & Kindergarten; so I will be consuming more wine than usual this month. Ella Colley over at Inside Schools shared an event they are running on February 11 called the  “The Low-Down on Pre-K Admission”, click here to get more information and purchase tickets. You can also check out their website to read more about Pre-K and the application process, important dates and information on public schools in the five boroughs on their website, here.

That’s it from me this month so please keep an eye on the AWNY and M&D’s Facebook pages for upcoming events. Keep sharing and posting on the page also, we love to see what everyone is up to, gather useful information and support one another when a call for help or information is posted.

Anita xo

PS: Don’t forget that I’m always keen to hear from our group members if they are interested in providing content for our monthly updates. Just PM me!


Author: Australian Women in New York

Australian Women in New York (AWNY) sources stories and guides that will help make you win the Big Apple. We also love to profile fabulous Aussie and Kiwi women.

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