Introducing “AWNY Families NYC” on Facebook

If you’re a long-time AWNY member and especially a parent here in NYC, you may have noticed a recent name change to one of our very active communities. If you pop onto Facebook, you’ll see the group “AWNY Mums & Dads” has now evolved to “AWNY Families NYC.” We sat down to chat with our lead committee member and admin, Nakia Gordon, to find out a little more about the update. 

Nakia originally moved to NYC and joined the AWNY Mums group back in 2010 as a way to connect with other Aussie parents. Along with many of you, she has found the group to be invaluable for advice, community, new friends, and so much more. About four or five years ago, the original group name morphed into AWNY Mums & Dads but quite a few folks felt like that was…well, a bit of a mouthful!  In addition, as the world has continued to evolve and change around us with increased awareness and focus on inclusivity—the committee felt there was more room to grow and represent the many different kinds of family groups and parents that want to be involved. 

For Nakia, it felt like a no-brainer. “I honestly feel like it was a more inclusive name for the group, and we also had a very positive response from the survey we did with over 87% of people in favor of the change.”

Other than the name change, you will still see the same fantastic community events and support within the group. “If you’re seeking a network of parents for support in the city or suggestions on schools, doctors, neighborhoods to live in, and even playdate opportunities, it’s all here.” Nakia mentions. 

Photo credit: Zoe Wetherall

The group also highlights topics like kid-friendly vacation destinations, insider tips on strollers, and even the latest on car seats and the legalities of using them in the U.S. and on visits back home. We asked Nakia to sum up what AWNY Families is all about, “the group is really a one-stop shop for learning all the differences between raising a family in America vs. Australia or New Zealand. It’s an instant community.”

We look forward to many more events and wonderful family friendships made through the AWNY Families NYC community group. If you’re not yet a member, please join HERE.

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