2022 9/11 Commemorations in NYC

It is hard to believe that this year will mark the 21st anniversary of 9/11, the attack on the Twin Towers in New York. This is a somber anniversary that is honored by many Americans, especially those in New York and as an Aussie who has been living here the past few years, this anniversary has definitely taken on a new and much deeper meaning. Since moving here, I have met many people with very personal stories from that day and definitely take a moment each year to remember those who lost their lives on 9/11.

For anyone looking to commemorate the day, below are events we are aware of in New York:

  • Memorial Ceremony at the site of the World Trade Center: This is the annual reading of the names ceremony. The ceremony begins at 8.30 am yet it not open to the public. The ceremony concludes at 12pm and at 3pm, the 9/11 Memorial Plaza opens to the public.
  • Tribute in Light: as soon as it gets dark, two blue beams of light shine into the sky until dawn of the next day at the location of the Twin Towers. These lights can be seen from most of New York.
  • Church ceremonies: a number of the churches near the memorial host ceremonies all throughout the day. A popular one is at St Paul’s chapel, a small church across from the World Trade Center which was also a main sanctuary and rest spot for relief workers in the weeks following the attacks. The church bells ring at 8.46am to commemorate when the first plane crashed into the WTC followed by the firefighters’ traditional salute to the fallen.
  • Drinks: As the day and the services wind down, many of the servicemen there to pay their respects, wander over to the numerous Irish pubs downtown for a drink. A popular one is O’Hara’s Pub at 125 Cedar St.

If you know of any other events or ceremonies, please share them with our community through the comments below.

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