AWNY Mums & Dads Update January 2020

Happy New Year everyone! I hope you had a nice relaxing break over the Christmas & holiday period. I was in Sydney, and as great as it was to see my family and friends, it was devastating to be so close to the fires that were burning. I hope all your families and friends stayed safe during this difficult time and maybe you got a chance to get involved in one of the many fundraisers organised by all the great Aussies in NYC.

Now we are back in the Big Apple and it is cold outside. We are all desperately trying to find activities to keep the kids entertained and avoid playing Minecraft or roblox all weekend!

There are lots of pop-up exhibits in the city at the moment and i have been to a few of them, and plan to visit a few others over the next few months. Most of them are not cheap but always look for Groupon or discount online codes before purchasing tickets.

Pip’s Island
This is the best kids theater experience iIhave been to, and they often have discount tickets on Groupon. This interactive, 60 min adventure takes kids on a moving journey throughout the theater trying to save Pip’s Island. Kids crawl through caves, run up mountains, dance around and have a fantastic time. Parents are always close by, but can avoid the crawling etc. Highly recommend.
Location W42nd and 9th Ave.

A hands on, interactive museum that teaches you and your kids all about the world of spying. There are fun games to play, quizzes to take and lots of history relating to both World Wars and significant history making events that have shaped our modern day. I was surprised by how much iIenjoyed this experience and learned a lot. We used for our tickets. Otherwise it will cost $39 per adult and $32 per child. I also recommend it for kids 7 and above, not for younger kids, as there is a lot of reading and they will just be bored.

two ice cream cups
Photo by Teejay on

Museum of Ice Cream
I have not been to this one, but it is on my list as my kids LOVE ice cream (like everyone’s kids, I’m sure!). Located in SoHo, it has been hyped up as a great fun day out, and I can imagine it will be a lot of themed rooms with color, sprinkles, slides, ball pits, treats, ice cream etc. It’s an Instagram lover’s dream! It is expensive at $39 pp with no kids’ price. Perhaps only 1 parent gets to go on that adventure!

Color Factory
I took my kids to this pop up in SoHo last year and they really enjoyed it. There are lots of different rooms, each with a color theme. It’s very  interactive and there are special treats along the way.  You finish your experience with a dive into the world’s biggest ball pit! Tickets are $28 pp, kids under 2 years are free.

Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on

Arcadia Earth
I have not yet been to this exhibition but it gets great reviews and I will add it to my to-do  list. It’s described as a large scale sensory journey through many different “worlds” including underwater, fantasy land & natural environment. They Use VR (virtual reality) to take you on an unreal adventure through planet earth. Tickets are expensive, at $33 per adult and $27 per child plus booking fee!

Also, our first Aussie Mum and Dads Group catch up for the year will be in Brooklyn on Tuesday February 25, at Aussie owned cafe, Carthage Must Be Destroyed. There is an invite on our facebook page. We look forward to seeing you there.

assorted variety of foods on plates on dining table
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Author: Nakia Gordon

Nakia is a busy mum of two kids. Originally from Sydney, Spent a few years in London and now calls New York City home. Nakia writes a blog in her spare time to help newcomers navigate life in this great city -

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