AWNY Guides to Schools in New York: Pre-School, Elementary and Middle School

When you move to New York with children, one of the most complex undertakings on your to-do list is understanding how the school system works. You’re in luck! AWNY has created a series of guides to help you navigate through the process of researching, choosing and enrolling your child in preschool, elementary and middle school in NYC.

Find out more from these AWNY guides to schools in New York City:

Nursery & Pre-school Guides

Elementary School Guides

Middle School Guides

Our helpful infographic sums it up for you:

If you have any tips or questions about preschool, elementary or middle school in NYC, let us know in the comments below.

Author: Angela Tohl

Born in Adelaide but calls Brisbane her home, Angela came to New York City in 2007 in search of an adventure. Her free time is spent eating poppy seed bagels, learning guitar and chasing her 2 little kids around NYC.

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