AWNY Mums & Dads July update: Happy 4th of July & a warm welcome

Written by Anita Davison

Happy 4th of July!

Can you believe it’s July already?! Honestly as the kids get older, time seems to go by so much faster. Or perhaps it’s me just getting older, and as a result, time is accelerating at light speed proportions? I think I’ll stick with option 1, blame the kids, it works for just about everything else!

I digress; let’s get back to the topic of July. The month we get to celebrate the US equivalent (well, close enough) to Australia Day. As I type, I can hear the sound of fireworks reverberating through the neighbourhood, which of course means every man and his dog has gone out and purchased (illegal?!) fireworks for this weekend’s 4th of July celebrations. I’ll be missing the festivities this year but I won’t leave you high and dry. Anyone hanging around for the patriotic fun can find below, a list of places to see fireworks as well as other family friendly activities happening in and around the city.

On Sunday we held the inaugural AWNY Picnic in the Park which was a huge success! Thanks to everyone that pitched in to make the day a success. Not only do we have a stellar AWNY committee once again this year, but it seems the people of AWNY which includes all you delightful mums and dads are a fun bunch of people too! Thanks to those of you that brought along food (including Tim Tams) to share!

Special thanks to Elissa Burke of Lady Lamingtons for donating the incredible bite sized Lamington morsels, of which I ate far too many of. Thanks also to Jacinta Stewart for donating her time to create amazing face painting for the little AND big kids in attendance – I’m looking at you Michaelangelo.

And lastly, this month I would like to officially introduce my new co-chair of the Mum’s & Dads team, Sally B. Together we make a great team and hope to bring you even more content and events through the year. Sally has written a bit about herself below, welcome aboard Sally!

Until next month


Written by Sally B.

I moved here for work at the end of 2009 with my husband, James. I was an analyst at Deutsche Bank in Sydney and James was a software consultant at Oracle – the US made more sense for him and New York sounded like a great opportunity for me, so we took it. When we arrived everyone we knew was leaving – it felt like we got to the party at half past midnight. A few months in, a fellow Aussie who did the same job as me at a different bank heard I had moved and kindly invited us to her party. Of course we went, realizing we wouldn’t know anyone (even the hosts). But that quickly changed. With the market recovering and the E3 visa there were hoards of Aussies coming in and lots of Americans who were happy to make friends with some foreigners.

We moved to Tribeca as soon as we arrived and everyone asked us how old our children were (we had no idea at the time it was basically the ‘suburbs’ of Manhattan – Triburbia). We realized why when my daughter was born in October 2012 (unfortunately in the middle of Hurricane Sandy) and my son in August 2015. And we’ve loved living downtown with kids.

With two children now most of our life seems to focus around them – although we do still try to pretend we’re not parents once a week.

I’ve learnt a huge amount since I moved, about the complexities of US tax, the real estate market, the education “system”, mothers groups (HRP is amazing) and all the other fun nuances that come with living in this great city. I still love it (despite the broker fees) and joined AWNY so I could hopefully help new families moving here settle in more easily than we did!

Keep an eye on the Mums & Dads FB page for our next drinks evening. It will be my first so I look forward to meeting many of you there!


July 4th Weekend Activities

  • Macy’s July 4th Fireworks – Taking place on the East River this year, the fireworks usually begin around 9:25pm and run for about 25 minutes. For information on some of the best locations to set up camp, click here.
  • Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest – this year will be the 100th anniversary of the event! Click here for details.
  • Free kiddie concert at Peck Slip Stage, South Street Seaport – click here.
  • The 21st annual July 4th Harlem Children’s Parade – click here.
  • Spend the day at your local public swimming pool – pools officially opened June 29th – click here to find your local pool, along with opening hours and pool rules

Upcoming Events

  • Mums & Dads drinks – coming up in the next couple of weeks. Keep an eye out on the FB page for an event invitation!
  • Check out the AWNY website & AWNY FB pages to see what great events are on for July!

Author: Australian Women in New York

Australian Women in New York (AWNY) sources stories and guides that will help make you win the Big Apple. We also love to profile fabulous Aussie and Kiwi women.

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