AWNY Mums & Dads April update: Chocolate and Drinks

Written by Anita Davison

As a parent, I feel like one of the most selfless acts I do is to eat all of my children’s chocolate at Easter time. It’s a public service I perform every year that really doesn’t get any of the credit it deserves. Not only am I saving the world (and my downstairs neighbor) from the crazy that comes along with kids on a caffeinated sugar high, I’m also saving my kids pearly whites AND putting my body on the line by consuming my own weight in chocolate. All of this comes just when bare (shaved!) legs are about to make their annual re-entry into the public arena. Needless to say, the Fitbit I got for Christmas will finally get to do what it was intended to do, rather than just adorn my wrist in its cool plum colour, posing as a watch.

So Spring has arrived bringing warmer rainy weather. Rain jackets and boots replace heavy down coats and we get to spend more time outdoors. Just a quick shopping tip, I find so many rain boots for kids to be really clunky, heavy and hard for them to walk in, but have recently purchased Croc rain boots which are brilliant. I am NOT a fan of Croc shoes, but the boots are cute, light and super comfortable. Marshalls sells them in pink and blue for a reasonable $16.99 (up to size 13) and $19.99 (size 1 and up)…check them out!

Spring represents renewal and new life, a perfect time to recommence the mums and dads social calendar and the chance to join the AWNY community in a more official capacity. Please see the events section below for information on our first drinks of the year on April 21 and the AWNY AGM on April 7.

This year I am looking for someone to join me in sharing the role of Mums & Dads committee lead; assisting with content, events and social media communication & attend occasional committee meetings. If you have any questions on the role, please reach out to me via private message on the FB page. In order to sit on the AWNY committee you must be a full paying member, something you can do at time of election if you decide to join. I suggest coming along to the AGM and seeing for yourself what a great group of women we have!

The following websites are great places to check out all of the events going on in and around NYC in the springtime:

Time Out: Things to do in spring in NYC from festivals to art fairs

I love NY: Spring and summer events | Things to do in NYC

Mommy Poppins: Spring fun guide for New York City Kids

AWNY: AWNY upcoming events

Lastly, I recently signed myself up to get a NY Id. This is the alternate ID card to the one most of you probably have from the DMV. It’s completely free, easy to sign up for (I did mine at the local library) and comes with some great benefits. You can sign up for a free annual membership at places like the Botanic Gardens, the Zoo, museums and art galleries if you are an id NYC holder. This will be a great chance for my family to get out and about and do things we haven’t yet done with the cost sometimes too high to justify. Click here for more information on whats required to sign up and to make an appointment. Click here for a list of the 2016 benefits included with the card.

Until next month.


Upcoming Events

Want to get involved with a growing & dynamic committee?

Give back, make fabulous new friends & have fun?


WHERE: Citi Offices, Tribeca, New York

 Thursday 7 April, 2016

TIME: 6.00pm for 6:30pm start


Each year we hold our AGM, where you, our members, are provided the opportunity to join the

AWNY Committee.


All positions are open for re-election including: President, Vice President, Secretary, Co-chair positions available for Mums & Dads, CommunicationsEvents, and New Member Team Leaders. Plus there are positions available for committee members as Event Coordinators, Communications Team members and Charity Coordinators.

Submit your nomination by Tuesday 5 April to

Mums & Dads Spring Drinks

WHERE: Tavern on the Green (67th St & Central Park West)

WHEN: Thursday April 21, 7:30pm

Check out the FB event page and let us know if you can make it!

 IMAGE CREDIT: Karl Frederickson / Unsplash

Author: Australian Women in New York

Australian Women in New York (AWNY) sources stories and guides that will help make you win the Big Apple. We also love to profile fabulous Aussie and Kiwi women.

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