Movie Review: That Sugar Film

By Heidi Gerschwitz

Did you know that the average Australian consumes about 40 teaspoons of sugar daily, compared to the recent WHO (World Health Organisation) recommendation of only 6 teaspoons? That’s a lot of sugar! Recently released, That Sugar Film is an excellent Australian documentary that I watched on a Qantas flight about how much sugar we unintentionally eat when thinking we are eating perceived healthy foods and how this excess sugar affects your body.

Australian actor Damon Gameau tests out the effect on his body by eating healthily marketed food over a period of 2 months. Damon, in consultation with a nutritionist, doctor, etc, documents his intake of juice, low-fat yoghurts, cereals and muesli bars in place of his usual diet of unprocessed foods, fruit and vegetables. He continues to eat his usual amount of calories combined with daily exercise and notes what happens to his health.

This informative movie documents what he learns about modern food and the effect it has on his body. For example, one glass of apple juice is about the equivalent of 4 apples. This adds a lot of extra sugar into your body. Similarly with smoothies, you are usually drinking more fruit than you would normally eat at that time.

That Sugar Film is currently being screened in select theatres in Australia. Find out more at:Β


IMAGE CREDIT – That Sugar Film Facebook