Faces of AWNY: Susan Baskir

My name is Susie Baskir and I have transferred to NYC with my job at National Australia Bank about 6 months ago. Originally from Sydney but wanting a change, I was so happy to be offered the opportunity to move to the  NAB NY offices last year. Having never been to NYC I really had no idea what to expect, and though I  haven’t been here long, I’ve already fallen in love with this city.

Where do you live and why did you choose that area?

I live in East Village and I am so happy there. There is so much to see/ do/ EAT within a few miles of my house I feel very lucky. I also run into a lot of Australians which is an added bonus

What do you like/ dislike about living in New York?

NYC is a challenging place. It is so fast paced and there is always so much to see and do it is both exhilarating and demanding. I love not having to drive a car, and still having everything at my fingertips. There is so much here each day that it really is amazing in this city. I also think that the people we meet here are different and for the most part more passionate which I really like. And how good is Seamless?? I miss Vegemite, and normal supermarkets

Any advice for people moving to New York?

Moving here was definitely a challenge- trying to get an apartment with no credit history, coming to terms with how much of my salary would be spent on rent, and even something as simple as buying Sudafed from the pharmacy wasn’t easy. Then there were the fun ones, like trying to order food with my accent, or learning to buy a bed (they are different here), and learning that meat sandwiches come with a kilo of meat and nothing else…. So I guess my advice would be to just be prepared and enjoy the ride.

What made you join the AWNY Committee?

I originally joined the committee to engage with support Australian women in NYC. But since having joined I have found the committee members to all be so lovely it is a real joy to volunteer for events with such lovely ladies. It’s a great way to meet more Australians in general, and a fun way to get exposure to events you would not usually think of (many of which involve tastes from home)

Photo of Susan with her favorite cupcakes from Magnolia Bakery

Author: Australian Women in New York

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