What I love, what I miss: adjusting to life back in Sydney

By Christine Knight
This was originally published August 05, 2014 on Adventure Baby!

Christine Knight is a writer, editor and marketing strategist. After living in NYC with her family for 3.5 years she is now back in Australia, blogging about travel, food and parenting at Adventure Baby! Follow her travel, food and parenting mishaps over Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram.


So we’ve been back in Sydney for about two months and are still struggling to find somewhere to live. Ugh. I forgot how long it takes to settle back after such a huge move. I’ve been enjoying a lot of little things that I’d either totally forgotten about, or never discovered before I left.

Gelato Messina
The best gelato I’ve ever tasted. I’ve eaten is almost every single day since being back. I’d eat it every day if their locations weren’t so far away. Bounty, choc chip and berry yoghurt are rocking my world.

I wasn’t a beach person before I left Sydney. I have really fair skin and so have been a “sit in the shade” rather than “sit on the beach” type. Now I have a kid who is mad about playing in the sand, I have a new found love of beaches. Insanely gorgeous, plus hours of free entertainment. Just add sunscreen.

Mersey Valley Cheese
This has always been our favourite cheese. Being in the US however and surrounded by supremely average supermarket cheese, I have a new appreciation for just how awesome this cheese is. Crumbly and sharp – it’s hard not to polish off the whole block in one sitting.

I love love sweet wine. Moscato has always been my wine of choice. I did find it in the US, but it wasn’t as common as here, and there wasn’t as much variety. Moscato here is amazingly good and also reasonably priced.

Thai food
I didn’t eat much Thai when I was in the US as whenever I did, it was pretty bad. The Thai in Sydney is so good – I think it’s the closer proximity to Asia, plus the large Thai population living here that contributes so the great food. Whatever the reason, I’m devouring curry puffs and pad see ew like they’re calorie-free.

Supermarket chocolate
Cadbury is awesome. There’s a giant bar of Snack and a packet of Carmel Crowns sitting in the fridge right now.

The sunshine
The weather here is just insane. I arrived back in time for winter (yay!) and it’s been warmer almost every day than it was for the entire of NYC spring.

Target in Sydney is awesome! Super clean, big variety of quality products. Very different to the Brooklyn Target that I used to visit occasionally.

CK 1

What I miss about New York

I’m also missing little things about NYC that I also didn’t even think about. The big things I miss are obvious, but the little things caught me by surprise.

Iced tea
Sydney doesn’t do iced tea. I’m so desperate for my daily fix that I’m steeping big jugs of black tea and chilling them every few days.

How did I ever live without bagels pre-New York? It’s a mystery.

The subway
After the super fast and frequent NYC subway, my hatred of Sydney’s trains has only intensified. I don’t know what’s worse some days, the crazy traffic when I take to the roads, or the slow moving infrequent trains.

Now I’m without my Amazon Prime free two-day shipping, I actually have to get in the car and drive to a shop to buy everything. Even stupid cables and boxes of nappies. I also miss Fresh Direct, Diapers.com and basically every other website that sent me the products I wanted with free shipping.

Cheaper prices
Ahhh the great Aussie price gouge. Buzzfeed has a really funny article about the great Aussie rip off. Paying more for things I only recently bought at a significant price is hard to take.

Ben & Jerry’s
While not my favourite brand of ice cream, B&J’s was my face supermarket brand. Now if I want a tub of Karamel Sutra I have to shell out $11 for the privilege.

Ample Hills
My favourite ice cream of all time. Australia doesn’t really do ice cream. It’s does phenomenal gelato and sorbet, but not ice cream. I am dying for one more scoop of Ooey Goey Buttercake and Sweet As Honey. Yuuuum.

Levain Bakery cookies
The best cookies I’ve ever eaten. So big and fat they were almost rock cakes. Big chunks of chocolate that melted in your mouth. Yes we have cookies here, but not like that!

The fast pace
I actually love the frenetic business that is the city. I thrive on over stimulation and love having a lot of colour, buildings and interesting people all around me. Back in Sydney I’m finding it hard to adjust to the slower pace and having personal space again.

I had never had a doorman before my NYC apartment. Not only do I miss the community of my building, but I also miss the big-hearted doormen who became friends after seeing so much of them day in and out.

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