AWNY + Friends for charity: water

AWNY recently hosted Paull Young from charity: water as part of our inspirational speaker series.

Paull’s presentation was so awesome and inspiring, we decided to set up our own campaign: AWNY + Friends for charity: water. As we learned on the night, $30 gives one person clean water.Β 

The $10,000 goal that an ambitious group agreed on will fully fund a well in Northern Ethiopia. That’s getting their girls to school, families a chance to bathe, wash their clothes, and not get sick from washing their food or drinking dirty water.

For a little more perspective, below is a link to the video Paull mentioned of a young girl who lost her life fundraising. It’s very powerful (but also very emotional).

And because so much of water issues are a women’s issue (which so many of us identified with on the night), please find below a quick read on that:

Ok, so now for our campaign. If everyone could please click on the link below, you’ll be taken directly to the AWNY + Friends for charity: water page. Have a read, check out the quick video, and then please contribute what you’re comfortable with.

Oh, and please feel free to share on FB, Twitter and via email with people you know who should also be involved!