EVENT: The Emotional Transition of Moving to NYC, June 22nd

Join Aussie women and share stories about the emotional transition of moving to New York.

You don’t need me to tell you that there is a pretty BIG transition when you relocate your life from Australia to New York City. Chances are if you are reading this—you’ve made the move.

And, I know it’s not easy! Particularly when you sprinkle in a global pandemic and border restrictions that have kept you away from friends, family and your home country.

Whatever it is you are dealing with right now as an Aussie living in New York, AWNY is here to open up conversations and support connections in its upcoming event: Emotional Transitions of Moving to New York on Tuesday, on June 22, 2022. This will be an in-person indoors event, with a strict limit of 25 people. Vaccinations will be checked upon entry.

The discussions will be led by AWNY member and licensed Mental Health Counselor, Susie Lang (LMHC & NCC).

During the session, Lang will facilitate conversations about the emotional and psychological impact of relocation, cultural shock, definitive loss and ambiguous loss, homesickness and the emotional impact of uncertain times during Covid-19.

Lang says it’s about: “The community, the conversation, the connection and the hope of healing.”

Event Details

Date & Time: 6-8pm, Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Where: WeWork, 205 Hudson Street, New York, NY 10013
Registration: Tickets cost $20, register here.

Meet Susie Lang

Susie Lang

Susie Lang is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor (LMHC) and a National Certified Counselor (NCC), working in Private Practice in NYC, since 2012. Susie has worked in the “helping” profession for 45 years, in Australia, the UK and here in NYC. Her counseling experience spans over 25 years where she has offered support to clients experiencing Abandonment and Rejection Issues, Blended Family Relationships difficulties, Loss, Grief and Bereavement, Care Giving of a Loved One, Depression, Transitions, Relocation and working towards Personal Growth and Development. She has felt an on-going professional commitment in being alongside those who are looking for emotional healing, understanding, resilience and support.  

Being in the Australian community here in NYC since 2004, she recognized the need for support for those who have made the physical transition to NYC.  She has been aware of the Emotional Transitions surrounding this move.  She often speaks of feelings of isolation in this transition during this unfolding time of becoming acquainted with NYC life.  

Learn more about Susie Lang: http://www.susielangcounseling.com, http://www.susielangphoto.com

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Author: Emma Cillekens

Emma Cillekens has been an AWNY volunteer since 2018. She is an award-winning journalist who hails from the Gold Coast. She was a breakfast radio host with the ABC in Outback Queensland before a scholarship stole her away to New York City to study her master's at NYU. Since she arrived in New York she's worked with The Wall Street Journal, WNYC, ProPublica, Barron's and MIT Technology Review to name a few. She spends most of her time making podcasts and consulting on everything storytelling. In her spare time Emma moonlights as a dance teacher.

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