New on Clubhouse: Live conversations with Australian (and Kiwi) Women in New York

Drumroll, please! 

We are excited to announce the launch of Australian Women in New York’s (AWNY) live interview series on Clubhouse. We’ve lined up six aussie and kiwi womxn for unfiltered and unapologetic conversations about the resilience, camaraderie and shared experience of living in new york: what brought them here, what their experience was like through the pandemic and most importantly what keeps them hopeful about their future here in New York and beyond. If you are still in love with this city, this interview series is for you.

And it *is* a conversation – on Clubhouse, the audience interacts with the guests in real-time!

The Line-Up

Grab a cuppa, a bagel slathered in vegemite and tune in with us at 8AM on Thursdays through May and June 2021 for conversations with these guests:

  • Thurs 6 May at 8AM ET: Conversations With…Clare Gemima. Clare is a kiwi digital & mixed media artist and a gallery columnist for East Village Grieve 
  • Thurs 13 May 8AM ET: Conversations With… Gabrielle Burchfield, banker by day, planning where to eat or go at all other times
  • Thur 20 May 8AM ET: Conversations With… Toni Short. Toni’s purpose is to offer inspiration, guidance and counsel to humans and brands as they navigate the journey of Ascension.
  • Thur 27 May 8AM ET: Conversations With… Rachel Hills, author, producer, and community builder behind Powerbitches Gather
  • Thu 3 June 8AM ET: Conversations With…Jess Grynberg, chief happiness officer at buzzy Bourke Street Bakery NYC
  • Thu 10 June 8AM ET: Conversations With… Ebony Bowden, a crisis PR exec and former political reporter for NY Post, and prior The Age

Meet the co-hosts: Amelia and Tarley

Amelia Chappelow is a seasoned audio producer with years of experience making live radio and podcasts happen. Check out the independent podcast she recently produced with Linda Marigliano, Tough Love

Tarley Jordan is a communicator, connector and collaborator. By day, she works in marketing and is interested in how brand, comms and company culture intersect. By night, she creates for the Neon Stitch Club where the ancient practice of embroidery and the energy of neon collide. She’s a long-time AWNY volunteer and has helped tell the story of over 100 aussie/kiwi womxn who have made NYC their home. 

Are you on Clubhouse? 

Yes, Clubhouse is currently invite-only, we are *positive* you know someone on the app! Reach out to your mates on social media and ask for an invite. And if you still aren’t sure what Clubhouse is, here is a Clubhouse 101 primer if you need it. It’s also currently only available on iPhone, which we know is a huge bummer to all of our mates who are Android users.

Find your mates (us!) on Clubhouse

Once you have downloaded the app, and got an invite to join, find out club on Clubhouse by searching ‘Australian Women in New York’ or tapping this link.

We hope you are able to tune into this series and if you do, what you think. We want to inspire all of our Australian women in New York family of why they came to the city initially and to be part of the Big Apple’s recovery. Because New York is worth it.

See you on Clubhouse!

Author: Tarley Jordan

Tarley has been an AWNY volunteer since 2012. She is award-winning marketer from Sydney (with stops in Brisbane and Rockhampton), who moved to New York for love. Find her on Instagram: @tarleyj

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