AWNY’s Holiday Chinwag: “Operation Christmas Box Drop”

AWNY’s Community committee has played an important role in keeping our community connections alive throughout 2020. Keen to end the year on a high note, our team organized a virtual Holiday Chinwag on December 19th.

Having come up with the bright idea to put together an interactive holiday gift box to mail out to participants in time for the Chinwag, our Community committee placed an order for custom AWNY coffee mugs. When the order was delayed by almost 2 weeks, we knew we wouldn’t get the holiday boxes to our community members in time for Dec. 19th if we mailed them. So we quickly hatched a Plan B. 

With the help of a generous Christmas fairy, we rented a trusty set of wheels for a couple of days and “Operation Christmas Box Drop” went live! With a winter snow storm forecast during delivery week, we hustled and created a human delivery chain and managed to get all of the gift boxes out to our community members in Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn and New Jersey. Take a look at the pics below!

Unfortunately, New York’s Covid-19 numbers are again on the rise. Even though Operation Christmas Box Drop required an extra effort on everyone’s behalf, it was really special to catch up with each other in real life, albeit briefly and at a distance. If this year has taught us gals anything, it’s to recalibrate and find reasons to celebrate mateship and the support of the Australian Women In New York community. 

~ Robyn Xx

P.S. You can still RSVP to join us at our virtual Holiday Chinwag on Dec 19, 2020, details here.

Author: Robyn Sunderland

Robyn moved to New York over twenty years ago and has been an AWNY volunteer since 2019. She has worked in politics, diplomacy, strategic marketing and theatrical general management. She is currently a theatrical booking and promotions manager, and hails from Melbourne (by way of rural Victoria). Find her on Instagram: @rjsunders

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