The AWNY Quarantine Cookbook

The AWNY Quarantine Cookbook was created by and for Aussie women in New York (and beyond). 

Jump to this month’s edition of The AWNY Quarantine Cookbook.

Generations of Australian women have participated in the long-standing tradition of swapping recipes and gathering in the kitchen, cooking all manner of recipes from scratch. 

AWNY volunteer, New Members’ Lead, Robyn Sunderland has vivid memories, growing up in both suburban Melbourne and rural Victoria: 

“My mother taught me how to cook at a very young age. My favorite recipe book was my mum’s well-used copy of the Presbyterian Women’s Missionary Union Cookbook (PWMU), which her own mother handed down to her. Packed with many helpful hints and tasty-sounding dishes, cakes, and jams, it helped shape my curiosity about cooking for decades to come.

I’ve lived in New York City for 20 years and on a trip home to Australia in early 2020, I came across my mum’s updated centenary edition of the PWMU cookbook. It brought back so many wonderful memories and I’m really glad my mum gave it to me. It now has a prize spot in my Brooklyn kitchen.”

AWNY Volunteer, Robyn Sunderland

Many of us are using the period of home quarantine to get back into the kitchen and reacquaint ourselves with the satisfaction of cooking. So, in the spirit of the Country Women’s Association, PWMU, and Nursing Mothers’ Association, AWNY is pleased to present: The AWNY Quarantine Cookbook.

Here’s this month’s edition of The AWNY Quarantine Cookbook:

Got a recipe for the AWNY Quarantine Cookbook? Email your recipe, and photos, if you have them, to: Be sure to check our submission guidelines (shown in the cookbook) first.

The AWNY Quarantine Cookbook was designed and developed by Robyn Sunderland.

Author: Robyn Sunderland

Robyn moved to New York over twenty years ago and has been an AWNY volunteer since 2019. She has worked in politics, diplomacy, strategic marketing and theatrical general management. She is currently a theatrical booking and promotions manager, and hails from Melbourne (by way of rural Victoria). Find her on Instagram: @rjsunders

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