COVID-19 Resource: Where to Find Hot Cross Buns in New York

In Australia, you don’t have to look far to find hot cross buns as Easter approaches. But as an expat you might be wondering where to find hot cross buns in New York.

In addition, the unprecedented impacts of managing the COVID-19 pandemic have left many expats seeking familiarity during this challenging period.

In the lead up to Easter Sunday this year on April 12th, 2020, you’ll be comforted to learn several bakeries in New York have been able to remain open and offer hot cross buns (also known as “Easter buns”) through contactless take-out or delivery.

Our handy AWNY guide has compiled all the details for you. It’s broken down into specialty bakeries by borough as well as online ordering and chain stores. And, of course, we’ve highlighted Aussie-owned bakeries in NYC. Jump ahead to the hot cross bun bakery of your choice:

Aussie-owned Bakeries
Multiple Locations (Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens)
Online Ordering (Outside NYC)
Chain Stores
Unconfirmed Bakeries (they sold hot cross buns previously but we haven’t confirmed this status for 2020)
Your Kitchen aka Make Your Own

Once you’ve secured a supply of these sweet, soft, spicy delights (you’re welcome), settle back and learn about the origins of the humble hot cross bun and why Aussies queue for hours for the perfect bun.

Wishing you a safe and Happy Easter, filled with peace, joy…and hot cross buns. And a special thanks to all the hard-working bakeries in NYC as they continue trading during this season.

hot cross buns easter buns with butter cup of coffee
Photo by Jasmine Waheed on Unsplash

Aussie-owned Bakeries

There are plenty of amazing Australian owned bakeries and coffee shops in NYC, and we found hot cross buns at the following bakeries:

Australian Bakery Cafe
Fresh, delicious, five-star rated hot cross buns are available to order online now. These are the real thing just like your Granny used to make: yeasty, with golden raisins, raisins, currants and lots of mixed spices. There are also variations on the traditional recipe: white chocolate and cranberry, and chocolate. Of course, the cross is baked right in, NOT painted on with icing! Options include 12 for $29.50, 24 for $42.99 or a packet of 6 buns for $6.89. (online)

Bluestone Lane
Bluestone Lane Cafes and Coffee Shops will offer hot cross buns at some of their NYC locations for curbside pickup and delivery. Check their website for further details. (multiple locations)

Bourke Street Bakery NYC
Everyone’s favorite Sydney bakery, now in New York, is offering hot cross buns. They are the classic BSB recipe with sugar glaze, white icing – handmade and baked fresh each morning – with lots of love of course! It’s $4 per bun or $20 for 6. You can pick them up from their store (call ahead first) or there’s a flat rate of $10 for delivery to anywhere within 25 miles of NYC. Yes Long Island, New Jersey and Westchester friends – this means you! Be sure to order at least 2-days in advance. (NoMad and online)

The Thirsty Koala
Astoria-based Aussie restaurant and bakery will have hot cross buns from Good Friday through to Easter Sunday. They offer takeout or contactless delivery. You can order directly from their website or through Grubhub, Seamless, Uber Eats. (Astoria)

hot cross buns easter buns bakery
Image courtesy of Amy’s Bread

Multiple Locations

These bakeries have multiple locations across Manhattan and/or Brooklyn:

Amy’s Bread
Amy’s Bread Hot Cross Buns are slightly sweet, mildly spicy, and light and tender, filled with plump currants, and crossed with white frosting. They are $2.25 each or $27 per dozen and are available on Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays up until Apr 12th. Please call ahead to their two locations that remain open to place an order: 
– Hell’s Kitchen, ph: 212-977-2670, 
– Brooklyn – Henry St, ph: 929-276-3108,
(Brooklyn, Hell’s Kitchen)

Bien Cuit/Borough Provisions
Bien Cuit, in collaboration with Joe Coffee, have created a contactless delivery service, Borough Provisions, so you can enjoy their decadent hot cross buns. Order now from their site, $11 for 6 or $20 for 12. Free delivery is available, with a $60 order and a 4 day lead time, to many areas in Brooklyn and Manhattan. There’s a 20% discount for all doctors, nurses and emergency services personnel. (delivery to Manhattan, Brooklyn)

Bluestone Lane
For more details about their delicious hot cross buns, see their listing above, under “Aussie-owned Bakeries“. (multiple locations)

Bouchon Bakery
According to their Insta page, Bouchon Bakery will be offering handmade hot cross buns, however details provided are limited so contact them directly to find out more. (multiple locations)

Bread Alone
Bread Alone is based upstate with their cafes open for take out and curbside delivery. Their booths at Farmer’s Markets in NYC are also open, including Union Square Greenmarket, Grand Army Plaza Greenmarket in Brooklyn, and Forest Hills Greenmarket in Queens. (Union Square, Park Slope, Forest Hills)

Fairway Market
Fairway Market is offering Easter catering, including hot cross buns at $19 for 1 dozen. Orders must be placed by Sunday April 5th, by calling 866-392-2837. (Manhattan, Brooklyn)

Pasticceria Rocco
According to their Insta page, they may (?) be offering hot cross buns. Best to call their West Village store (212-242-6031) for more details. (Manhattan, Brooklyn)

hot cross buns easter buns
Image courtesy of Bread Alone Bakery


The Thirsty Koala
For more details about their delicious offerings, see their listing above, under “Aussie-owned Bakeries“. (Astoria)

Bread Alone
In addition to Bread Alone’s booths at Union Square Greenmarket, and Grand Army Plaza Greenmarket, they have a weekly appearance at the Forest Hills Greenmarket in Queens on Sundays. Best to get there before 11am for the best selection. (Forest Hills)

La Boulangerie
A French bakery based in Forest Hills, Queens is selling hot cross buns for a limited time. They are being sold via pick-up only and have a policy of 2 clients at a time in the store during COVID-19 or you can call ahead. Check their Instagram for the latest. (Forest Hills)


Bourke Street Bakery NYC
For more details about their delicious offerings, see their listing above, under “Aussie-owned Bakeries“. (NoMad)

Eli Zabar’s Bread & Pastry
Eli’s transforms its buttery brioche dough into these fruit-laden traditional Easter buns. Order dozens at their Grand Central location for $24 per dozen. You can also get full Easter catering. (Grand Central Market)

Silver Moon Bakery
This revered NYC “little bakery that could” has been offering hot cross buns throughout Lent since opening in 2000! They have already started making hot cross buns for the season and they will be available from their store up until Easter. They are made with lots of sinful butter and eggs, currants and many spices. Please call 212-866-4717 to arrange pick up from the store, also they are trialing a delivery service. (Upper West Side)

hot cross buns easter buns bakery
Image courtesy of Silver Moon Bakery

Online Ordering (Outside NYC)

Ackroyd’s Scottish Bakery
Michigan-based, Ackroyd’s hot cross buns are spiced sweet buns made with raisins and candied fruit and marked with a pastry cross on top. You can buy a 4-pack for $12 plus shipping. (Online)

Australian Bakery Cafe
For details about their hot cross buns and links for ordering online, see their listing above, under “Aussie-owned Bakeries“. (Online)

Wolferman’s Bakery
This Missouri-based bakery has hot cross buns ready to ship now for $24.99 for a dozen (plus shipping). Hot Cross Buns arrive ready to heat, along with icing to drizzle a cross on top of each sweet roll. (Online)

hot cross buns easter buns
Image courtesy of Bread Alone Bakery

Chain Stores

Anyone who has browsed the aisles of a typical New York grocery store, will be familiar with boxed baked goods from Entenmann’s. As Easter approaches, Entenmann’s releases boxed hot cross buns. Check their store locator for a supplier near you.

hot cross buns easter buns cup of coffee
Photo by Maddi Bazzocco on Unsplash

Unconfirmed Bakeries

Last year, Aussie expats in New York suggested the following bakeries offered hot cross buns. At the time of publishing this guide, we had not been able to confirm if they will do so again this year. If you happen to be in their neighborhood, it’s worth stopping by to check…and let us know what you find out in the comments below.

Food Emporium (multiple locations)
Marlow and Sons (Brooklyn)
Orwashers (multiple locations)

And if you’d like to make your own?

With so many recipes online to choose, from where do you start if you want to tackle hot cross buns yourself? Shout out to our mate (and Kiwi in New York) Erin Clarkson of Cloudy Kitchen who has four different hot cross bun recipes for you to choose from:

Dark chocolate and cardamom hot cross buns with chocolate pastry cream cross.
Recipe and Image by Erin Clarkson of Cloudy Kitchen, and can be found online here.

Happy Easter

Now that you know where to find hot cross buns in New York, which ones are your favorite? Do you know of any other New York bakeries selling hot cross buns that aren’t listed in our guide? Let us know in the comments and we’ll add them in.

Special Thanks

Sincere thanks and appreciation goes out to all the bakeries featured in our guide. The dedication and enthusiasm of your hard-working founders, bakers and staff “gives rise” to delicious hot cross buns for the community to enjoy during the Easter season.

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