Infographic: Australian Coffee Shops and Restaurants in New York

There’s nowhere in the world where you’re more spoiled for choice than New York City.  That’s long been true for New York staples: bagels, Broadway shows and ball games. 

Who would have thought one day New Yorkers would be wondering how to choose an Australian coffee shop or restaurant in New York? There are over 70 Aussie and Kiwi-owned coffee shops, restaurants and bars scattered across NYC and spilling over into New Jersey. This includes Aussie-women owned Boomerang Bites, Boundless Plains Espresso and Wattle Cafe.

Flat white or Coopers? Lamingtons or avo toast? Decisions, decisions. It’s a good problem to have and we’re lucky to know a life of abundance. However research has confirmed that more isn’t always better – choice paradox can leave you paralyzed.

AWNY have done the legwork for you and created guides for:

And now our handy infographic below tells you which guide to read:

infographic Australian New Zealand coffee cafe food restaurants New York cup plate

Analysis paralysis be gone! 

Let us know in the comments below, if you’ve heard of any new establishments that aren’t yet in our guides and we’ll add them in:

Author: Angela Tohl

Born in Adelaide but calls Brisbane her home, Angela came to New York City in 2007 in search of an adventure. Her free time is spent eating poppy seed bagels, learning guitar and chasing her 2 little kids around NYC.

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