AWNY Mums and Dads Update, October 2017

This Month

I have two things to tell you about this month. The first is something every parent must get—the IDNYC. And the second is a recap of our October event, the superb Sunday supper at Burke and Wills.


Procrastination is what I do best.  At least 10 people during my time here have told me how brilliant the IDNYC is and how easy it is to apply for.  Finally after two years here, I now have my IDNYC.  It’s actually a very straightforward process:

  1. Fill out an application online
  2. Make an appointment online. You can choose one of many locations dotted throughout the city.
  3. Collect your ID and proof of residency. There’s an online document calculator, which helps in the process.
  4. Show up on time for your appointment. Mine was done in 25 minutes and your IDNYC generally arrives in the post within two weeks.  Job done.

Additionally my appointment was at a very kid-friendly location, the Grand Central Library.  There’s a comprehensive list of benefits on the website but for example you get a year’s free entry to the Natural History Museum, Central Park Zoo and the Metropolitan Museum of Art which is enough value to make the appointment time worth while.  As I had it pointed out to me, the list of free memberships can also act like a bucket list for your time in NYC.


Burke and Wills Sunday Supper

What a great turnout we had for our Sunday Supper! Burke and Wills is an Australian restaurant on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. In addition to our own party of 20, quite a few of our fellow diners were (unsurprisingly) also Australian. It was a really fun night with familiar and new faces.  Thankfully the bar upstairs, The Manhattan Cricketers Club, wasn’t open, otherwise the school run on Monday would have been a challenge.

Amanda and I are always keen for venue options outside of the UWS so please let us know if you have any ideas for future functions; especially the upcoming Christmas dinner.  Either contact us through the AWNY website or Amanda or myself through Facebook.

Future Events

For our next events, we’re working with the producers of Women of Letters for a group booking as well as our annual Christmas party!  So please watch this space.


Author: Helen McWilliam

Helen is a Mum of two boys, who was born in South Africa, grew up in Brisbane but calls Sydney home. She is a social worker by trade and is currently a stay at home Mum in the ‘burbs’ of Manhattan, the Upper West Side.

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