Event: The Emotional Transition of Moving to New York: 2 dates, Oct 14 and 18

Making your move to New York opens up the possibility of many mixed emotions and feeling – some expected, some not!

“Do you feel the struggles and isolation of relocation?”

“Are you feeling homesick, missing all things familiar?”

“Do I actually want to be here, when things feel so challenging?”

Feeling alone in your adjustment is a part of any transition – take this opportunity to explore experiences that are common to all of us, and yet sometimes feel so isolating when going through them.

This small and intimate event is facilitated by Susie Lang, who will offer information about;

  • Emotional and Psychological impact of Relocation
  • Cultural Shock
  • Definitive Loss and Ambiguous Loss

This event is a little different; the focus will be a “hands-on”, interactive experience, where courageous sharing and empathic listening will be the biggest part of the event.

There are 2 events to choose from:

You are welcome to attend either event, please note the morning program is designed to be more available to Mum’s and Dad’s and small children may be in attendance.

AM Session – Mum’s and Dad’s

When: Friday 14th October at 10AM – 12PM
Where: Anita’s Apartment in Harlem, W138th & Frederick Douglas Blvd (8th Ave)
Price: $15/$20 members/non-members
Included: Comfort Foods & Drinks Provided
Subways: B/C train to 135th (front carriage for 137th St exit)
Buses: M10 bus & M2 Buses

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for the AM session


PM Session

When: Tuesday 18th October 6:30PM for 7PM Start
Where: TBD (Downtown Manhattan or Union Square)
Included: Comfort Foods & Drinks Provided
Price: $20/$25 members/non-members

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for the PM session

Meet Susie Lang

Susie LSusie Lang (LMHC & NCC) is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and a National Certified Counselor. She is in private counseling practice, working with individuals and groups.

Susie is also a professional Photographer and has lived in New York since 2004 with her husband.

With her many life transitions, she realizes the importance of paying attention to (in particular the more challenging parts) the emotional ride that occurs with each transition – making her move to New York has proven to be more challenging at times in ways that she didn’t anticipate! It seemed to open up the possibility of many mixed emotions – some expected, some not.


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