Event Review: Australian Writers in New York panel discussion – August 4, 2016

By Zoe Potter

How do I make it as a writer in New York?

It’s a question that has plagued aspiring authors from Tom Wolfe to Carrie Bradshaw.

On Thursday August 4, 2016 a group of Australian women and friends gathered at the Monash room of the Australian Consulate-General to hear from Georgia Clark, Lexi Frieman and Rachel Hills, three young Australian authors who live in the Big Apple.

We were treated to a frank, funny and wisdom-filled discussion moderated by Estelle Tang, Culture Editor at Elle.com. Georgia, Lexi and Rachel began by reading an excerpt from their work which gave us an enticing introduction to their individual voice and style.

The discussion was fascinating for book worms and writers alike as the panel provided a broad perspective on many aspects of writing and publishing. Georgia Clark recently published her novel The Regulars (buy it here). She has also published the young adult novels She’s With The Band and Parched. Rachel Hills gave us insight into the world of non-fiction publishing, having published The Sex Myth in 2015. Lexi Freiman had the inside word on being an editor and working on the publishing side of the fence, as well as being an author and a graduate of Columbia’s MFA.

Advice From the Writers

We learned that the road to being published and being successful is long and tough, usually involving a day job which pays the bills and writing at night and on weekends. Each author emphasized the importance of building your network and making connections, which becomes particularly important when trying to secure a publishing deal. Building relationships also assists with promoting your finished product and getting media coverage which is essential in this information-saturated world.

It was clear that behind every published novel is a lot of grit, tenacity and determination, along with blood, sweat and tears! To make it as a writer you have to pour your heart and soul into your work and be prepared to try and try again.

A big thank you to the Australian Consulate-General for supporting the event and making the beautiful Monash room available.

Take a look at the event photos on the AWNY Facebook page.

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