Event: Finances in the USA

Expert tax advice for Aussies living in the USA

As the first part of a two-session series ‘Living in the USA’, AWNY is proud to present “Finances in the USA: Expert tax advice for Aussies living in America.”

Have you recently arrived in the US?  Have you been here for a while but still need to understand the complexities of straddling two tax returns?  It can be confusing, time consuming and costly to not have access to the correct information nor a contact to ask your relevant questions.

AWNY presents Australian/US tax expert, Martin Cranitch of Transpacific Tax Services to guide us through the intricacies and convolutions of Australian and US taxation issues for Aussie expats.

Martin has a proven specialized tax service for Aussie expats living and working in the USA, and US citizens living in Australia.  Since 2007 he has continuously updated his professional knowledge in both Australian and US tax law and worked with international expats.

As an Australian citizen and green card holder himself, he understands the issues faced by most Australians when moving to the USA navigating the new tax system.

Martin will provide a broad overview of the US tax system specifically relating to Aussies, and offer practical guidance.

His presentation will be followed by a Q&A session.

Learn more about:

  • U.S taxation system
  • Capital gains tax
  • FATCA – Foreign Account Taxation Compliance Act
  • Retirement savings accounts
  • Considerations when starting up a business in the U.S.
Date: Tuesday, November 14

Time: 6.00pm for welcome drinks, 6.30pm start

Location: Australian Consulate-General, 150 East 42nd Street, Floor 34, New York

Price: Members $15 | Non-Members $25
Wine and nibbles included

Tickets are strictly limited, so reserve your place today!

If you have questions about this session, please contact Katarina Filipovic.




Please feel free to post your general or specific questions in the forum and our expert can speak to these issues in the session.

Stay tuned for the second session of Living in the USA – Real Estate in the USA, co-sponsored by HSBC, slated for early 2018.

AWNY Mums & Dads December update: Farewell NYC

Written by Anita Davison

The Rockefeller Christmas tree is lit, twinkle lights adorn the streets of NYC and songs about snowflakes and Santa Claus are being piped through the speakers of every store you enter; these things, along with cooler temperatures mean Christmas is almost here and 2016 is almost over. It’s been quite a year here in the US. A lot has happened in the media, most notably Donald Trump taking home the blue ribbon for winning the US Presidential Election. Whatever your opinion of the result, or the man himself, 2017 looks to be another interesting year. As none of us possess a crystal ball to see into the future, only time will tell what the future of the world, and this nation we call home, holds.

A little closer to home now, and big changes are ahead for my family. Our time in NYC is quickly coming to an end, and my thoughts are drifting to things like lobster rolls, cream pies, Cheers!, and Ivy league schools; that’s right, we are moving to Boston!

The past 3.5 years in NYC have been great, it’s such an amazing city with so much to experience. We always dreamed of living in NYC, not anywhere else in the USA, just NYC; but our mindset has shifted over the past few months and we are excited to experience a new city and lifestyle. At the end of the month, we will trade in our subway pass for a new car, city living for a house in the ‘burbs and step back into a similar lifestyle we once knew back in Sydney – although instead of spending summer weekends on the Northern Beaches, we will spend them at ‘The Cape’ and our winter weekends will be filled with snowboarding lessons and snowball fights. The hardest part of this transition is saying goodbye to our wonderful friends and the networks we have become apart of or created, but thankfully we will only be 4 hours away instead of the other side of the world!

It’s been an honor to sit on the AWNY committee and lead the Aussie Mums & Dads Group. Since taking the helm almost 2 years ago, we have nearly doubled the number of members on our Facebook page, held our inaugural Spring Picnic, and have been featured in a round up in the best Aussie communities in the USA.

Co-lead Sally B. will step into the lead role of the M&Ds group and continue to attend regular AWNY committee meetings. Some positive changes are coming to the way the group is managed, these will be shared with you after our AWNY committee meeting next week. With these changes I hope to create a more inclusive and open group for our members in all boroughs of NYC to have a say, create events and make the network for Aussie (and Kiwi) Mums and Dads in New York even stronger.

I will be staying on as an administrator of the Facebook group, continuing in a social media capacity only, so this isn’t officially goodbye. You will continue to see my name pop up on the page and perhaps I’ll contribute to an occasional update or attend an event when I’m down for a visit (which will be regularly!)

Our Mums & Dads End of Year Drinks will be held this month on Dec 15, the event details are below, along with a link to AWNY ‘What’s on in December’ update. I hope to see you there!

I wish you all a wonderful Christmas and safe and happy New Year. Try not to max out those credit cards!

Until next time, whenever that may be…

Anita xo


Got a craving for meat pies?

Four n Twenty Pies will be delivering in NYC again at the end of December check out their websiteFacebook & Twitter feed for updates and how to order!

Upcoming Event

Aussie Mums & Dads End of Year Drinks

Thursday, December 15 at 7:30pm
Joe’s, 480 Amsterdam Avenue
New York, NY 10024

Cost: Drinks & food available for purchase
Not essential, but if you would like to let people know you are going, feel free to RSVP via the Facebook event page.

Fun things to do in New York this December

Lot’s of ideas in this ‘Whats On’ blog post.

Event: Bicycle Tour from Brooklyn to Manhattan, September 17, 2016

AWNY Bicycle Tour Manhattan to Brooklyn NYC Sept 17, 2016

Join AWNY for a bicycle tour of Brooklyn and Manhattan with our friends at Loudest Yeller, specialists in historic and cultural-based bicycle tours. This will be a very fun day out for both new-New Yorker’s and long-time New Yorker’s alike.

Event Details

Date: Saturday, September 17, 2016
Time: 10:15am
Location: Start and end point for the tour is 141 S. 5th Street, Office West #2, Brooklyn NY, 11211
Tour Length: 4.5 hours start to finish
Cost: $30.59 special price for AWNY members (this is $20 off the usual tour price)
Register online here, select the Sept 17/AWNY tour on the calendar and enter code VUZRVNY1 to redeem your discount

Bike Tour Video

A taste of what you can look forward to:

Loudest Yeller Bike Tours NYC from Ned Phillips on Vimeo.

About the Bicycle Tour Route

The relaxed route follows many bike paths through neighborhoods, including Williamsburg, Alphabet City, Little Italy, China Town, City Hall, Tompkins Square Park, and Wall Street. The Loudest Yeller tour guides are a tonne of fun and will provide commentary and stories on iconic landmarks and famous New Yorkers along the way. First tucker stop will be Toby’s Estate in Brooklyn, and we’ll picnic for lunch in Washington Square Park. You can BYO lunch or pick up great bread, meats and cheeses when we stop at Murray’s Cheese Shop.

If it’s raining we may go to a local West Village restaurant for lunch (note: food isn’t included in the tour price).


  • What about bikes and helmets?  Grrrl, we have you covered! Cute bikes and even cuter helmets are provided, but feel free byo helmet if you prefer.
  • Can my boyfriend, girlfriend, non-Aussie friend come? YES! Everyone is welcome, as long as they buy their ticket (see below)


Reserve your place today
Register Online

(don’t forget to select Sept 17 on the calendar and enter code VUZRVNY1 to redeem your discount)

Secret Pools In Forest Hills, Queens (NYC)

Written by Tarley Jordan

When I first moved to New York – I didn’t think I was going to get pools or beaches. In fact, I wasn’t even sure it would get hot enough to enjoy being in the water. And for most of the year, it’s not. But one of the things that makes New York bearable for me is the Summer. The three months of June, July, and August have never been sweeter, than when I experienced them living in New York City.

While my excitement of a hot New York Summer was at its peak, I visited as many beaches as I could find. There are surprisingly quite a few good beaches in the New York City area, and many of them are easily accessible by public transport.

But after spending most of my life on the stunning beaches around Australia, the beaches of New York quickly lost their appeal. Sure being by the ocean was good for my soul, but it was such an effort to get to there, and when I arrived I was regularly disappointed by the chilly water temps and the grey water color.

I started looking elsewhere for my summer water fix. Where there pools in New York City? After some cyber-sleuthing, I discovered the Central Queens neighborhood of Forest Hills and Rego Park have some fantastic outdoor private pools tucked away perfect for summer sun and a swim.

I made it my mission to try each of them for you and here are my favorite secret outdoor pools in Forest Hills, Queens. With a small investment (these aren’t public pools) you can enjoy some water fun and sun during the glorious New York Summer (before it disappears). And you can get to them easily on the subway!


Birchwood Towers

Secret Pools Forest Hills Queens_Birchwood

Photo credit: MLSLI

In what seems like a hidden location between two tall apartment buildings, the pool at Birchwood Towers is the smallest but perhaps the cutest. An odd goldfish shaped pool and a smaller kiddy pool sit on the entry level and there is a separate sunbathing area on an upper deck. Similar to Park City Swim Club, Birchwood suffers from a lack of direct sun in the afternoon, so if sunbaking is a priority, then go early.

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AWNY Guide to NYC Nursery School Admissions

Written by Sally

With Labor Day fast approaching (September 5 – terrifying really) anyone with a Yankee baby or an expat toddler might be thinking it’s just another lovely long weekend to round out the summer. But if your baby is 9-12 months old and you’d like to think about a program for nursery school, Labor Day is the weekend to do it. Most nursery schools will begin taking applications right after the holiday – and if you’re going to apply you may as well do it on time.

You might have heard stories from friends who wrote six ‘essays’ – or more – so their two year old could sing, paint and glue. Or you might be happily unaware of such boring tales. But it always sounds worse than it is – there are lots of great schools to choose from and the process is really not a big deal as long as you know how it works.

Selecting the Nursery School

Close to home works for most! But some travel too – either way the best place for the list of all the options is the Parents League and then check out each school’s website for more details on the age of acceptance (usually between 18 months and 3 years depending on the school).

The Nursery School Applications Process

Each school has their own and 90% are online the day after labor day, but some require you to call and request it. Either way a lot of the questions are basically the same for everyone. They want to understand as much as they can about your family, your child and how you think about education and parenting. It’s worth understanding the school’s philosophy before answering the questions! And if you’re serious about some of the tougher schools to get into its worth preparing the answers before the applications open so you’re ready to fill it out on the day (it doesn’t usually vary much from the year before).

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