Where to Find Hot Cross Buns in New York (and Across the USA) this Easter [2023 Edition]

In Australia, you don’t have to look far to find hot cross buns at Easter, or at any time of the year if we’re honest. But as an expat you might wonder where to find hot cross buns in New York. We’ve worked hard to update this guide for 2023, so let’s hop to it!

In the lead up to Easter Sunday (Sunday, April 9, 2023), you’ll be stoked to learn several bakeries in New York–and further afield–are offering delicious hot cross buns (also known as “Easter buns”).

Our handy AWNY guide to find hot cross buns in New York has all the details for you. It’s broken down by borough as well as online and chain stores. And, of course, we’ve highlighted Aussie-owned bakeries in NYC. Plus we’ve added a list of bakeries where you can find hot cross buns outside of New York because we know many Aussies in the USA have become digital nomads or else enjoyed life outside NYC to begin with.

Jump ahead to the hot cross bun bakery of your choice:

Once you’ve secured a supply of these sweet, soft, spicy delights (you’re welcome), settle back and learn about the origins of the humble hot cross bun and why Aussies queue for hours for the perfect bun.

Wishing you a safe and Happy Easter, filled with peace, joy. Which hopefully will be even better, now that you know where to find hot cross buns in New York City and beyond. And a special thanks to all the hard-working bakeries in NYC as they continue trading during this season.

box of six hot cross buns or easter buns on a light brown table cloth
Image courtesy Bourke St Bakery

Aussie-owned Bakeries

There are plenty of amazing Australian owned bakeries and coffee shops in NYC, and we found hot cross buns at the following bakeries:

Australian Bakery Cafe
Fresh, delicious, five-star rated hot cross buns are available to order online now. These are the real thing just like your Granny used to make: yeasty, with golden raisins, raisins, currants and lots of mixed spices. There’s traditional buns and a chocolate variation. Available ALL YEAR! (online)

Of course, the cross is baked right in, NOT painted on with icing!

Australian bakery cafe

Aussie Pies and Sausages
Home to a lot of goodies including these hot crossed buns, these delicious buns can be shipped to anywhere in the US (online)

All The Kings Horses

Home to America Josh’s Friday morning coffees, the team at ATKH are accepting orders for hot crossed buns up until the 7th April so get in quick. Message them on their Instagram.

Bourke Street Bakery NYC
Their yeasted handmade, silky sweet buns are filled with spices, currants and a touch of orange zest. Glazed and topped with housemade icing. They smell incredible and will be inhaled without abandon. Serve warmed with lashings of butter or rip apart straight from the bag. Available to pre-order online for local NYC pickup or delivery 16th March to April 9th. They are also available in 6-packs shipped nationwide on Goldbelly. Individual buns sold in-store only. For special large orders of 2 dozen or more, please email: orders@bourkestreetbakery.com for shipping costs. (NoMad and online, NYC)

Bourke Street Bakery Hot Cross Buns are so good that honestly, I’d steal one from a baby if I had the chance. It was also mysteriously dense yet soft. Like a $200 memory foam pillow that I slept on one time when I stayed with my friend’s rich family. ”

Alana Young, SydNey reviewer

Miss Melbourne Coffee
Aussie owned coffee shop in sunny Cali has traditional raisin and choccy chip hot cross buns available for pickup and pre-order. Thanks to Aussie Mum, Shayne, for this rec. (West Hollywood, California)

The Thirsty Koala
Astoria-based Aussie restaurant and bakery have had hot cross buns available in previous years. Contact them by phone (718) 626-5430 to find out more. (Astoria)

Tucker Silk Mill
Visit Aussie-owned provisions store and cafe with outdoor seating, Tucker Silk Mill, nestled in quaint Easton, PA. Their buns follow the sacred recipe of Flour & Stone Bakery in Sydney, which includes a touch of orange blossom water. It also means (in their words, not ours) “legitimate pastry crosses, none of this icing business (because like those tubes of vegemite the forgetful relos buy you at duty free, deep down you know it’s just not the same)”. You can pick up hot cross buns every weekend until Easter, with pre-order available. (Easton, Pennsylvania)

There is no such thing as too much butter on our hot cross buns. They have have been made to withstand up to 10 times their weight in butter*.

Tucker SIlk mill

* This statement has not been evaluated by AWNY. extensive personal research is recommended.
tray of Easter hot cross buns with baked in cross
Image courtesy of Tucker Silk Mill

Places that have stocked hot crossed buns in the past include Bushwick Hot Bread, Gertrude, Supermoon Bakehouse and Marble Bar Bakery but we couldn’t find any sign of them this year but it might be worth checking them out in store or reaching out over their socials.

Multiple Locations

These bakeries have multiple locations across Manhattan and/or Brooklyn:

Amy’s Bread
Amy’s Bread Hot Cross Buns are slightly sweet, mildly spicy, and light and tender, filled with plump currants, and crossed with white frosting. They are available on Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays. Buy in-store or call ahead to place an order:
– Hell’s Kitchen, ph: 212-977-2670, 
– Brooklyn – Henry St, ph: 929-276-3108,
– Chelsea Market, ph: 212-462-4338
(Brooklyn, Hell’s Kitchen, Chelsea Market, )

Bien Cuit/Borough Provisions
Bien Cuit are selling Sweet Potato Raisin Hot Cross Buns for Easter and will be made available from March 31st to April 9th. You can place a bakery order for day-of pick-up or delivery from either of the Smith Street or Franklin Avenue locations in Brooklyn. You can do so by visiting the local online ordering website here. (Brooklyn)

Fairway Market
Fairway Market is offering hot cross buns through their Easter catering menu where a dozen are $19. Check out more information here. (Manhattan, Brooklyn)

hot cross buns easter buns bakery
Image courtesy of Silver Moon Bakery


Bourke Street Bakery NYC
For more details about their delicious offerings, see their listing above, under “Aussie-owned Bakeries“. (NoMad)

Breads Bakery

Multiple locations offering a new twist on the old fav, with buns filled with chocolate chips and orange but still topped with a white cross. $19 for an 8 pack, available in April only.

Balthazar Bakery

Known for their delicious French bread, Balthazar Bakery now feature hot crossed buns for a limited time only.

William Greenberg Desserts
You can find hot cross buns, online and in-store, now until Easter. It’s $3 per roll, $18 for half dozen, $36 for one dozen. (Hudson Yards, Midtown, Upper East Side)

Our hot cross buns feature a fluffy, spiced yeast bun studded with juicy raisins and pieces of citrus fruit baked to golden perfection, and topped with the signature white criss-cross.

William Greenberg Desserts

Settepani Bakery
Hot cross buns available at their Harlem and East Williamsburg locations as well as available on Goldbelly. (Harlem, Brooklyn)

Silver Moon Bakery
Lent wouldn’t be lent without hot cross buns from Silver Moon Bakery. In the lead up to Lent, keep an eye out for Kings Cake (the New Orleans version of Galette des Rois, but more fun), and Mardi Gras Cake, a delicious chocolate cake with vanilla buttercream, decorated in all the fun colors of Mardi Gras. Place your order by calling 212-866-4717 or directly from their website. (Upper West Side)

Our hot cross buns are made with lots of sinful butter and eggs, currants and many spices.

Silver moon bakery

Tea and Sympathy
Hot cross buns are available now until Easter. You can order for delivery or pick up. (West Village)

We have perfected our recipe this year! They taste just like home and are not to be missed!

tea and sympathy
tray of Easter hot cross buns with raisins and cross.
Tea And Sympathy hot cross buns


Zeppieri Bakery
Family owned bakery, Zeppieri and Sons, are offering their traditional hot cross buns every day throughout Lent. (Bronx)


La Boulangerie de Francois
In previous year’s this French bakery in Forest Hills, Queens have sold their “home style” cross buns. There’s spices such as allspice and cinnamon, European style butter, fresh eggs and milk. Plus currants and golden raisins as well as orange and lemon zest. Check out their store today and see if this year is no exception! (Forest Hills)

Our regular clients ask us every year when we will start baking the Hot Cross Buns. It became a tradition for us.

la boulangerie de francois

La Dolce Vita
Similarly, La Dolce Vita has also delighted guests with their hot cross buns in the lead up to Easter in previous year’s so it might be worth checking out again this year. In the past buns could be purchased individually. (Forest Hills)

Staten Island

Bruno’s Bakery
Family owned Bruno’s have been known to sell their traditional hot cross buns at both locations. (Forest Ave or Hylan Ave)

try of Easter hot cross buns with raisins and white cross
Image courtesy of La Boulangerie Francois

Outside NYC

East Coast

Cobs Bread
Filled with raisins, currants and mixed spices, you’ll feel the magic in every bite with hot cross buns from popular Connecticut bakery chain. There are apple cinnamon, chocolate chip, and cranberry orange variations as well as the traditional style. Available now in-store. (Connecticut)

The Gingered Peach
These hand-crafted hot cross buns are described as “buttery with a hint of orange, raisins and sweetness from the icing. No cinnamon, no all spice. We let the dough be the star of the show.” You can buy them from March 9th, in-store and online through Goldbelly. (Lawrence Township, New Jersey)

La Farm Bakery
My husband’s rellies live in and around Cary, NC (shout out to Aunt Berta and co!) so I was chuffed to receive a recommendation for this authentic hot cross bun-making French bakery from Aussie Mum, Jen. (Cary, North Carolina)

The Meltaway Bakery
According to their FB page, they keep making batches of hot cross buns but are sold out quickly. (Upstate, New York)

Miller’s Bakery
Available in-store and online through Goldbelly. (Lancaster, Pennsylvania)

Priscilla’s Pantry
According to their Insta page, hot cross buns are in the house! (Basking Ridge, New Jersey)

Tucker Silk Mill
For more details about their delicious offerings, see their listing above, under “Aussie-owned Bakeries“. (Easton, Pennsylvania)

Westhampton Pastry Shop
According to their FB page, “hot cross buns cometh”. (Richmond, Virginia)


Hickory Lane Baked Goods
If you live anywhere near Eastern Ohio, and have a hankering for hot cross buns, drop a line to Misty Warden of this small batch, licensed home baker. (Ohio)

Johnnie’s Sweet Creations
Call, email or stop by to pick up some hot cross buns. (Oklahoma City, Oklahoma)

Marble Bar Bakery
For more details about their delicious offerings, see their listing above, under “Aussie-owned Bakeries“. (Saint Joseph, Missouri)

Palermo Bakery
According to their Insta page, hot cross buns are available now. (Chicago, Illinois)


The Queen’s Pantry
According to their FB page, hot cross buns have arrived! (Marietta, Georgia)

Proper Baking Company
This Dallas handcrafted bakery creates authentic British baked goodies, delivering to the DFW area. (Online local Dallas Fort Worth deliveries)

West Coast

Boonzaaijer’s Dutch Bakery
In honor of fellow Aussies living in Colorado….we found these tasty buns. (Colorado Springs, Colorado)

The British Pantry Ltd
Full bakery and import store offers hot cross buns. Thanks to Aussie Mum, Jodie, for the tip off. (Seattle, Washington)

Maggie & Molly’s Sweet LIfe
Here’s a pack of six freshly made hot cross buns with currants and topped with the traditional cross made with icing. (Denver, Colorado)

Miss Melbourne Coffee
For more details about their delicious offerings, see their listing above, under “Aussie-owned Bakeries“. (West Hollywood, California)

Aussie Bakery Cafe hot cross buns

Online Ordering

Ackroyd’s Scottish Bakery
Michigan-based, Ackroyd’s spiced fruit buns (aka hot cross buns sans cross) are spiced sweet buns made with raisins and candied fruit. You can buy a -6pack for $18 plus shipping. (Online)

Aussie Pies and Sausages
For details about their hot cross buns and links for ordering online, see their listing above, under “Aussie-owned Bakeries“. (Online)

Australian Bakery Cafe
For details about their hot cross buns and links for ordering online, see their listing above, under “Aussie-owned Bakeries“. (Online)

To date we’ve found 3 sources of hot cross buns from this online ordering site, more could pop up in the days before Easter Sunday. (Online)

Wolferman’s Bakery
This Missouri-based bakery has hot cross buns ready to ship now for $29.99 for a dozen (plus shipping). Hot Cross Buns arrive ready to heat, along with icing to drizzle a cross on top of each sweet roll. (Online)

hot cross buns on a plate
Image courtesy of William Greenberg Desserts

Chain Stores

Anyone who has browsed the aisles of a typical New York grocery store, will be familiar with boxed baked goods from Entenmann’s. As Easter approaches, Entenmann’s releases boxed hot cross buns. Check their store locator for a supplier near you.

Thomas Cranberry English Muffins
So they’re not actually hot cross buns. But with real cranberries and a sweet and slightly tart taste, these seasonally made English muffins have been endorsed by an Aussie as a worthy addition to your Easter time baked goodies. After all, variety is the spice of life! Generally found in larger chain supermarkets, check their store locator for a supplier near you.

Found! An eight-pack in Wegmans. Check your local store for more details or order online.

Whole Foods Market
Aficionados (thanks Aussie Mum Clare!) have long flagged Whole Foods as a source of hot cross buns. Check your local store and see what you can find.

hot cross buns easter buns bakery
Image courtesy of Amy’s Bread

And if you’d like to make your own?

With so many recipes online to choose, from where do you start if you want to tackle hot cross buns yourself? Shout out to our mate (and Kiwi in New York) Erin Clarkson of food blog Cloudy Kitchen who has four different hot cross bun recipes for you to choose from:

And if you’re a newbie hot cross bun baker? Find out what happened when Aussie in New York blogger, America Josh aka Josh Pugh, baked hot cross buns for the first time.

Dark chocolate and cardamom hot cross buns with chocolate pastry cream cross.
Recipe and Image by Erin Clarkson of Cloudy Kitchen, and can be found online here.

Happy Easter

Now that you know where to find hot cross buns in New York, which ones are your favorite? Do you know of any other New York bakeries selling hot cross buns that aren’t listed in our guide? Let us know in the comments and we’ll add them in.

Special Thanks

Sincere thanks and appreciation goes out to all the bakeries featured in our guide. The dedication and enthusiasm of your hard-working founders, bakers and staff “gives rise” to delicious hot cross buns for the community to enjoy during the Easter season.

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