Take Our Survey + Help Shape the Future of AWNY

You don’t need us to tell you that life is a little “off balance” at the moment. Covid-19 is our new normal (for now) and New York feels very different to what it did pre-pandemic.

Despite this challenging period, Australian Women In New York (AWNY) continues to provide connection and support to our cherished community. But we need your help as we approach 2021!

We want to better understand who you are, what events you might be interested in and what type of content you’d find most valuable going forward, so we created a survey and we’d love you to take part.

CLICK HERE to complete our quick survey

Everything learned from your feedback will help shape the future of AWNY events, experiences, and communications.


Author: Tarley Jordan

Tarley has been an AWNY volunteer since 2012. She is award-winning marketer from Sydney (with stops in Brisbane and Rockhampton), who moved to New York after meeting her husband in a typical New York chance encounter. Find her on Instagram: @tarleyj

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