Rolf’s Bar and Restaurant: Like Dining in a Christmas Tree

Are you partial to a little sparkle during the holiday season? Maybe you’re one of those people with a secret soft spot for Christmas decorations? Then boy, oh boy, do I have the place for you.

Every year, the folks at Rolf’s Bar and Restaurant adorn their space with a jaw-dropping array of baubles, fairy-lights and festive cheer. It’s basically like dining inside a Christmas tree. Be sure to pop on your best/worst Christmas sweater and head over to check out the spectacle.

Rolf’s serves hearty German plates and giant schooners of beer. The meals are considered to be on the pricey side, even for Manhattan. On the other hand, you get to experience festive cheer like nowhere else at such a unique place that is so beautifully decorated – definitely an “only in New York” experience to cross off your NYC bucket list.

Reservations are recommended. You could chance it by taking your place in the queue before opening time at noon but be warned that wait times can be up to an hour long. However if you can’t get a table during holiday season, know that the decorations stay up until April.

In fact, it reminds me a little of Panna, that crazy Indian restaurant in the East Village chock-a-block with multi-colored lights.

Progressive dinner anyone?


Author: Angela Tohl

Born in Adelaide but calls Brisbane her home, Angela came to New York City in 2007 in search of an adventure. Her free time is spent eating poppy seed bagels, learning guitar and chasing her 2 little kids around NYC.

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